Earn $250 with the Proformance New Roof Referral Program

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Exciting news, Central Florida! You can now earn a $250 gift card* for sending us a New Roof Referral, paid out after the job is completed. 

It’s a bold move on our part, but we believe that our high-quality work, world-class materials, timely quoting, dedicated customer service, on-site foremen and fast service (most jobs complete within two weeks) are worth sharing with, well, everyone.

Betting On Our Reputation 

You see, we’re pretty sure you liked the job that Proformance completed for you (we’re proud of our top-notch review history on Yelp and Google), and we want to bring you into the family business! 

Nothing crazy like manual labor, just a good ol’ fashioned endorsement—one that pays. 

Refer Us and Get Rewarded

Have somebody in mind?

We’re looking to install new, high-quality roofs, servicing both newer roofs that need immediate replacement due to damages and older roofs that are at the end of their lifespan.

All you have to do—after preaching about the top-notch work Proformance provides—is have the person mention your name and contact information when they call us about a new roof. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Tell them to call 833-467-7635 today!

*Gift card normally a Visa

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