Preparing Your Roof For A Rainy Season

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Summer rains in Florida live by their own code, answering to nobody’s rules but their own.

They hit hard, they hit fast and they hit often. The Sunshine State averaged more than eight inches of rain per month during last year’s rainy season, consistently ranking among the nation’s top five stormiest states. 

This could mean incredible stress for your roof!

Get out ahead of Mother Nature’s fury this summer with these tips and tricks:

How to Prepare Your Your Roof for Florida’s Summer Rain Season

No. 1 | Schedule an Inspection

This is the most basic—and the most useful—thing you can do to prepare for surging storms. 

A full inspection of your roof should happen once a year, minimum (even for new roofs). It is the only way to stay properly informed; all kinds of nasty surprises could be waiting up there for you. Don’t wait for a thunderstorm to roll in to find out about them!

No. 2 | Check for Leaks

Still need some convincing about that inspection? Add a sense of urgency by checking for leaks, and not just in the obvious places.

Click here for more info on how to identify leaks (and what to do once you’ve found them). 

No. 3 | Replace Damaged Shingles

This should seem like a no-brainer.

Shingles are the veritable force field around your home, the terrestrial shield held valiantly against an onslaught of weather and climate—and they need to operate at full strength. Even small areas of disrepair can cause giant problems, especially if left unchecked against the flood of the rainy season.

No. 4 | Trim Surrounding Trees and Branches

Florida storms are far from whimsical sun showers or straight-as-an-arrow downpours—they’re often serious affairs accompanied by severe winds. 

The coupling of these winds and rain can wreak havoc on the trees around your home! And surprisingly enough, it isn’t the rogue branch impaling your home that should worry you; it’s the accumulated damage brought on by swarms of small branches and debris. 

No. 5 | Clean Your Gutters

There’s a certain satisfaction in the sight of a well-maintained gutter system, a swift-moving raceway of perilous rainwater flowing safely from your house. 

There’s also a pearl-clutching peril at the sight of clogged gutters—which can cause significant water damage to your roof and exterior walls (to say nothing of your interior). Clean your gutters to deter standing water, mold growth and property degradation. 

Next Steps

Schedule a FREE inspection with us today and we’ll get a seasoned PRO out there to give your roof a complete diagnosis!  

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