The Best Roofing Material for Hurricane Damage Prevention

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Roofing Materials for Hurricane Damage Prevention in Florida

Before we tuck into this essential conversation—identifying and discussing the best roofing materials for withstanding Florida’s violent hurricane season—we’d like to offer a quick caveat. 

Mother Nature takes no prisoners. She is fickle, she is powerful, she is relentless and unpredictable. The idea of a 100% hurricane-proof roof is a pipedream. Even still— you can prepare.

Certain roofing styles and materials hold up significantly better than others, and it’s about time you considered your arsenal against the storms to come. 

Good | Slate Roofs

Cost: High

Durability: High

Wind Resistance: Medium-High

Slate roofs look beautiful.

They are artistic, sleek, and make a lasting impression. They also require extreme support, with a significantly higher total weight than most roofing options (the same description applies to clay-tile roofs). 

Now, they don’t burn—a Florida plus—but they are more vulnerable to breakage from falling debris or foot traffic. But if you can manage to avoid any real gravitational stress? Untested, these tiles can last upwards of 100 years.

Better | Concrete Tiles

Cost: High

Durability: Extreme

Wind Resistance: High

Concrete tiles share nearly an identical pros-and-cons list as slate tiles, with two added factors:

They are more durable, they are heavier. The wind will have a heck of a time lifting these off your house!

This means your home’s foundations and frame will need to be inspected (and possibly renovated) to assure concrete tiles won’t damage your overall structure. On the plus side, these long-lasting tiles offer extreme durability and can be shaped to look just like the aesthetically-pleasing slate tiles.

Best | Metal Roofs

Cost: Medium

Durability: Medium-High

Wind Resistance: High

Metal roofs are slightly more expensive than their shingled counterparts but significantly more durable. They need little maintenance, are extremely energy efficient and have suburb recyclability. 

You won’t lose any shingles due to wind, and you won’t see any rot due to rain—they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing of the group, but metal roofs are a hurricane’s nemesis.

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