What to Look For in a New Roofing Quote

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What you should be looking for in a new roofing quote

We can confidently say that nobody wants to overpay for their roof. 

We can also confidently say that few things leave you feeling as vulnerable as needing a new roof—right up there with doctor’s visits and trips to the mechanic. You’re in no position to fix this problem yourself and blind trust doesn’t come cheap. The sticker shock is nearly inevitable (unless you know what you’re looking at)!

To keep you covered in your time of need, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you identify exactly what should be included with any professional roofing quote. 

  • The Total Scope of Work

First of all, you need to know everything that’s going to happen during this repair—from setup to cleanup. This covers each step of the process, every bit of material used, the cost of labor; even minute material details.

With a full scope of work, you’re avoiding unforeseen costs that can jump out to vastly raise the price. 

  • Approved Materials

Your materials list will be the largest variable in the entire process. 

What kind of roof did you decide on—shingle, tile, metal? What kind of shingles are you going to use—and what is the underlayment made out of? Are you incorporating any special treatments into the design—like mold and algae protection?

Talking this list through with your contractor will give you the most flexibility in finding a comfortable price point. 

  • Total Cost
    You’ve seen the scope of work, you’ve seen the materials—it’s time to throw everything together.

    This total cost should be your source of truth for the project. Every nail hammered home, every hour spent atop your home, every administrative or clean-up fee: all of it. Be sure to ask questions to ensure nothing is left out!

  • Expected Start and Completion Date
    Here’s the thing—replacing your roof is a disruptive process. Here at Proformance, we do everything we can to negate that disruption.

    Find out how long (and on which days) this project will affect you. Consider time as an asset when comparing quotes from different companies as well!

  • Included Warranties
    With all the money you’re about to dedicate to this job, what kind of warranty can you expect?

    This applies to both materials and labor—how much responsibility will the contractor take moving forward? How much responsibility do the independent suppliers carry? Anything not covered in writing will likely fall to you and your insurance company if a disaster ever strikes.

  • Company Contact Information
    Does this seem obvious? Yes.

    Is it necessary? Also yes. Not only is it necessary, you should check everything out before signing a contract! Your insurance company will need a proper address and contact information during the process; you will want to ensure whoever takes your money can be accounted for.

Roofing with Proformance

Beyond our stellar roofing, we specialize in making your life easier—it’s why even during the construction process, we dedicate a foreman to your job site to answer any clarifying questions you may still have.

We complete most jobs within 24 hours to minimize damage to your home and disruption to your lives, harness satellite tech to help with initial quotes and provide an on-site foreman to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Click here or call us today at 833-467-7635 for a free, no-obligation quote!

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