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Debunking 5 Common Roofing Myths and FAQs

Here at Proformance Roofing, we don’t just take pride in the quality of our work – we also hang our hat on education. 

We want our customers to feel confident, comfortable, and well-informed.

So, today, we’ll be debunking five of the most common roofing myths and FAQs with the help of our Proformance PRO and an Average Joe to give you the correct (and the horribly misguided) answers.

1. Anybody can do this, right? It’s nothing more than a high-flying DIY job. 

Joe: Absolutely. A little elbow grease, some YouTube videos, and a thrift-store tarp are all you really need to buy some time! It’s like baking, you just follow the instructions and hope it looks pretty. 

PRO: I can appreciate the can-do attitude, but the consequences of an amateur roofing job could be drastic. Small mistakes, shortcuts, and ignoring tiny nuances in weather-proofing your roof could lead to insanely expensive repairs. Have you ever seen that show about botched plastic surgery? We’re talking about the same thing with a botched roof; trust experienced roofers to get things done the right way, the first time. 

2. Can I slap new shingles on top of an old roof to give it some extra shelf life?

Joe: Can you? More like, why aren’t you?! A good roof is like a beautiful mosaic, layered with the shingles of our fathers and forefathers before them. 

PRO: Joe, WHAT?! You one hundred percent cannot fix a roof by adding new shingles to the existing roof. Sure, it’s allowed in the building codes of some areas, but it’s a practice that will most definitely lead to thousands of dollars in damages down the line. Fixing a roof means fixing a roof, repairing all the proper elements, and not plugging holes like Bugs Bunny sticking his fingers in a crumbling dam. 

3. I’m totally fine until my roof leaks.

Joe: Brother, you’re fine until your roof leaks twice. Double thumbs-up.

PRO: … no. Just, no, Joe. A leak is merely one (significant) sign of roof damage. You could be dealing with an entire encyclopedia of problemswith much smaller signs. Get your roof checked once a year to make sure that it’s truly up to standards.

4. Once a year? This is a brand-new roof! There’s no way it needs inspection.

Joe: First of all, a new roof? Those things lose half their value the MOMENT you drive off the lot. Only suckers buy new roofs. 

PRO: Yikes. Well, once again, please take Joe’s advice with a full grain of salt. (Which is to say, don’t listen to him at all.) New roofs are not invulnerable and there could be serious issues lurking beneath the surface. Once a year. 

5. Roof repair is an expensive luxury and can be put on the financial backburner. 

Joe: Deny, deny, deny – Average Joe’s Patented Approach to Blissful Livin’.

PRO: Hey, I get it. Numbers can be scary, especially when dealing with something as vital as the roof over your head. But those numbers don’t get any better by ignoring them. The longer you push off repairs, the more you’re going to shell out (either in construction costs or in property damage). Don’t forget, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of repairs.

So how can Proformance help me out here?

PRO: I’m taking this one solo, Joe. 

Your first move is to schedule an inspection with Proformance – we’re here to help with any and every roofing need. We’ll keep those nasty little myths from sneaking up on you (and your wallet) with honest and experienced Pros here to cover you.