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Florida Solar Installation

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Proformance - The Best Florida Solar Installation

If you plan to install a solar roof in Florida, look no further than ProFormance Roofing. We are top-tier solar installers across Florida. Our solar professionals are certified master solar installers from CertainTeed. They have undergone extensive training that guarantees the best solar solutions tailored to your home’s energy needs.

Our streamlined process guarantees an efficient, worry-free solar panel setup. A dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you in every way and provide you with expert guidance. You can get your solar roof competitively with our transparent pricing and reasonable financing plan. We provide a comprehensive 25-year warranty on every solar installation.

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Proformance Knows Solar

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  • Solar Installation Experience: We are certified Master Solar installers with CertainTeed. Our Solar professionals have gone through extensive training, so you can have the peace of mind knowing your solar installation is in good hands.
  • Energy Savings: Save big on your energy bills when you go solar. You can eliminate the majority of your electricity bill with the right solar system.
  • Quality Materials: *CertainTeed Solstice Panels use top-quality materials to ensure they produce the highest electricity yield for your home.
  • Warranty: As reputable Master Solar installers, our installations come with a comprehensive 25 year warranty on both the panels and inverters. Any manufacturer defects are 100% covered.

Affordable Solar Services

With the rising cost of electric bills, solar is now more affordable than ever. Florida’s sunny weather makes it a great place for solar power. Plus, adding solar panels can boost your home’s value by 3 to 4%. And don’t forget, you can also take advantage of net-metering programs, allowing you to earn credits or get paid for extra energy you produce.

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Solar monitoring phone application

Easy-To-Use Solar Monitoring App

All solar installations come with the user-friendly Duracell Power Center App. This app allows you to easily track how much energy your solar panels generate, use, and store in real-time. It’s free with your installation and works on any smartphone. You can even customize your energy usage preferences to maximize your savings.

Why Choose ProFormance For Your Solar Installation

Our team comprises certified Master Solar installers with extensive training from CertainTeed. This training and our years of roofing experience guarantee a meticulous and reliable installation. We use only the best materials, like CertainTeed Solstice panels, for efficient solar solutions. Here are some reasons to choose ProFormance Roofing for solar solutions.

Solar Installation Experience

We bring our years of experience to bring the best solar roofing solutions. We are the fastest-growing roofers in Florida, ranked 6th best construction company. Our installation comes with a comprehensive 25-year warranty on both panels and inverters. We strive to provide solar roofs that fit your needs and budget.

Energy Savings

Florida offers an excellent net metering program that allows you to return excess energy to the electric grid. You get a 1:1 credit ratio, meaning you get suitable compensation for the energy you generate. Net metering enables you to balance your electricity and usage while lowering your utility bill.

Quality Materials

These are innovative panels using advanced photovoltaic technology, efficiently converting sunlight into electricity. The solar panels are directly integrated into the shingles. They give a seamless and uniform look. It means you get a streamlined appearance with no bulky panels on the roof. You get all the benefits of solar without spoiling your house’s aesthetics and curb appeal.

Excellent Customer Service

Our commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart. From initial inquiries to post-installation support, our dedicated team is available 24/7 for a smooth and satisfying experience for our customers. A dedicated foreman accompanies every installation team to handle any queries or issues you may face during the project.


The manufacturer provides a warranty on the power output of your solar panels, 98% of rated output for the first year and declining no more than 0.55% annually. At 25 years, the panel should have at least 85% of its capacity. The ten-year limited wind warranty covers blow-off damage in winds up to 110 mph. CertainTeed will repair, replace, or compensate for defective products under warranty.

$0 Down, Non-Credit Score Based Financing 

With FortiFi, property owners take advantage of a straightforward and affordable financing model for long-term energy saving upgrades — zero hassle, zero upfront costs, and zero minimum credit score requirements.

The PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program provides qualifying projects like solar panel installation with 100% financing. The loan is repaid over time through an assessment added to the property tax bill. The interest on the payment may even be tax deductible! So, you can easily reap the benefits of reduced energy bills and tax incentives.

Our Roofing Process


We thoroughly evaluate before installing solar panels on your property. Our team will consider sunlight exposure and the orientation of your roof for maximum energy generation. They will check the roof condition and structural capacity to see that the roof can support the added weight of the panels and the rack.

Scope of Work

Once the project is confirmed, our team will help you determine the right solar solution. We will finalize every aspect of the project, such as the number of solar panels, their energy capacity, budget, and project duration. Our team will secure any necessary permits and local compliance with the local laws and homeowners association as required.

Production Day

Our seasoned master solar installers and an on-site foreman arrive ready to begin the project on the production day. They come prepared with all requisite materials and tools required for the task, such as solar panels, racks, mounting hardware, and inverters. The installation team will activate your solar panels and install the inverters.

Clean Up

After our master installers complete the solar installation, the team will begin a thorough cleaning of the project site. We leave your property in a pristine condition, free from debris. Any surplus materials, such as extra roofing materials, panels, fasteners, loose granules, sawdust, etc, are cleared using powerful blowers and magnets.

Final Inspection

Our team performs a final inspection to confirm that they have installed the panels correctly. You can use the provided Duracell power center app to check energy generation, usage, and storage. It helps determine that the solar panels are functioning as they should. The team and the designated foreman will work with you to review the installation and answer any questions you might have.

Florida Solar Program

In an effort to promote green energy, the state of Florida offers incentives to homeowners who choose to install solar panels. These incentives include a 100% property tax exemption for residential solar panels, federal tax credits (including the ability to recoup 30% of the cost of your panels on your personal tax return), and more.

Florida is the US’s third largest producer of greenhouse emissions. The Florida Solar Program began to reduce carbon emissions and boost the state’s use of eco-friendly and renewable energy. Apart from the residential tax exemption, the program provides an 80% tax reduction for commercial projects. There is also a sales tax exemption that waives the 6% sales tax on solar projects.

Questions? We can help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Federal Solar Tax Credit allows qualified homeowners to claim up to 30% of installation costs on federal taxes. Although there is no statewide solar panel rebate in Florida, there are tax credits that can offset the cost. Florida exempts property taxes on added home value from solar panels. There is no sales tax levied on solar components either.

Florida receives ample sunlight, with an average of 230 sunny days yearly. The state’s favorable climate has a positive impact on solar production. The high solar irradiance level, with an average of 5.67 peak hours per day, helps maximize the output of solar installations. It can generate a substantial amount of electricity.

Net metering in Florida allows solar panel owners to receive credit for the excess electricity they generate and send back to the grid. When a solar system produces more power than the home consumes, you can feed the surplus electricity into the grid. This surplus is credited back to the homeowner. Florida has no limit on how much surplus energy you can sell to the grid.

The typical lifespan of solar panels in the Florida climate can range between 25 to 30 years. They can withstand weather conditions like heat, humidity, and extreme weather events like hurricanes. Solar panels are available in different qualities and capacities, affecting their lifespan. They continue to produce electricity beyond 25 years as solar panels don’t stop working completely. Instead, their efficiency decreases. Sometimes, the degradation is so high that you may have to replace them altogether.

You should consider factors such as location, orientation of the roof, and the roof’s condition when choosing the location for solar panel installation. Install the panels on the south face of your property as it provides maximum sunlight exposure. Make sure that there are no obstructions from trees or buildings. Assess the roof’s condition so that the roof is structurally sound to support the added weight of the solar panels. Obtain all the necessary permits and comply with local regulations.

Looking for reliable and high-quality roofing services in Florida? Look no further than ProFormance Roofing! We are a locally owned family operated roofing company in Florida. We understand that a roof is an essential component of any home or building. That’s why we are committed to using the highest quality materials at an affordable price.

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