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Does a New Roof Increase Your Home’s Value?

“Will replacing my roof really increase my home’s value?”

Whatever your reason for asking, the short answer is simple: yes. Yes, your home’s value will rise with a new roof, but that question does nothing for you without a fat load of context. Because while the value will climb, the investment cost won’t match the spike in value. 

Factors like design type, material choice, and environmental stability all come into play. 

Let’s tuck into the facts to see what kind of return you can expect.

Relative ROI

Sort of like a new car in 2010, the moment you drive your new roof off the lot, it’s going to lose nearly half its value. Immediately.

The instant-reaction returns (for those who need to replace a roof before selling) look something like this:

MaterialAverage CostAverage Return
Asphalt $22,60068.2%

But that’s looking at this from a quick-transaction point-of-view. What about some of the more nuanced returns you’d be getting on that roof?

Speed of Sale

Your roof is the single most visible piece of eye candy ogled during a passing home visit, and the first impression potential buyers have. So, while you won’t recoup the full value of a roof replacement, you will speed up the sales process while expanding your potential pool of buyers to include the project-home-averse. 

And for the buyer, it’s not just about lessening the financial burden of buying a home with a roof that needs replacement—it’s also about the entire hassle of replacing the roof.

Structural Integrity

On the flip side, a new roof brings incredible long-term benefits for your home’s overall health—a huge boon for homeowners who plan to stick around for a while. In Florida, extreme humidity and heat—coupled with hurricane-force storms and summer rains—are a constant threat. Dilapidated roofs roll out the proverbial welcome mat for damage from these elements; new roofs offer the dual protection of updated integrity and extended coverage over your home’s vulnerable structures.

Time in Home

This one goes both ways—a win for those selling their house and for those locked into forever homes. 

A new roof means an extended life for your home. It means a longer gap between the next replacement and less chance of serious damage. It means peace of mind for years to come. 

Next Steps

Whether you’re looking to make improvements for the sake of movement or you’re looking to fortify your family home—Proformance is here to get you the best ROI on your roof. 

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