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The Floridian’s Guide to Hurricane Prep

Ways to Prep Your Home for Hurricane Season

Whether you are new to Florida or are a lifelong local, we all face the same annual concern: hurricanes.

From June to November, checking the news for severe weather updates becomes a part of our daily routine. And its no wonder—we’ve had record seasons for hurricane development in the last few years, with 30 storms developing around the world and 12 of them hitting the United States last year alone.

Every year, hurricanes wreak havoc on people’s homes and shut down entire cities. It is estimated that hurricane winds and storm flooding account for over $45 billion in damages to homes each year, and that number has been steadily on the rise for decades. 

There are all sorts of damages that can be sustained during a storm, from broken windows to flooding, to one of the most common storm expenses: roof damages.

Hurricane Threats to Your Home

During even a low-level hurricane, severe wind and rain can damage shingles, pull off flashing, and pull up the lower layers of a roofing system, leading to leaks or even total collapse. And that’s assuming just the wind is affecting your roof!

During a hurricane, storm winds can pick up debris, which can further batter your roof. Plus, with hurricanes repeatedly blowing through each year, your roof is likely subjected to ongoing damage that grows worse with each storm. If left unchecked, this constant degradation of your roof’s integrity could lead to severe damage over time. 

As a general rule, shingled roofs last about 15 years, tiled roofs last about 20 years, and metal roofs last about 30 years.

However, these estimates are calculated without the consideration of several hurricanes a year! If we are hit with a hurricane at any given time, it could cause damages to your roof (that may not even be visible!) which would significantly shorten the lifespan of your roof. 

Things You Can Do 

Make sure any trees on your property are not in danger of falling. 

At Proformance Roofing, we do everything from roof repairs to new roof construction, but no one wants to deal with a tree through their living room! If you have a tree that looks old, or sickly, or that you have been warned could be a hurricane hazard, don’t wait to have it removed. It may seem like an expensive process, but it’s going to cost less than a new roof and living room tree removal!

Clear away potential debris from your property. 

Have your trees trimmed, clear out small pots and lawn ornaments that could potentially be swept up in the wind, and generally “batten down the hatches” so to speak.

Assess your roof for any pre-existing damage. 

If you have a spot of mildew on your ceiling, a leak in your garage, or even notice that you have a few loose shingles, don’t wait until a hurricane blows through to call us!

Small indicators like this may be signs of larger problems in your roof, whether you are in need of new shingles or the underlying structure of your roof is compromised. If you notice that your roof has any damages, points, or is compromised in any way, act sooner rather than later to repair the problems. A small repair may save you from a big roof replacement if you act proactively and prepare your home for the onslaught of storms!

How Proformance Can Help

If you know that your roof is in need of a little TLC, or even if you just want to make sure your roof is ready for hurricane season, we are here for you  With our help, you’ll have everything you need to make sure your home is prepped for this hurricane season.