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As a top roofing company in Edgewood, Florida, ProFormance Roofing offers complete roofing solutions. We provide roof repairs, installations, and replacement services. Our experienced team provides excellent craftsmanship and customer service. We use only the highest quality materials and advanced techniques for durable, weatherproof roofs that add value to your home.

We will handle the whole process for a seamless experience. Our team will handle all the details, including inspection, planning, installation, and the final walkthrough. Our roofers assess your existing roof to identify any issues. They will then provide a transparent and competitive quote outlining all services and costs. We work to manufacturer specifications and building codes, standing behind our workmanship with a warranty.

Why Choose ProFormance Roofing in Edgewood?

You can choose ProFormance Roofing in Edgewood for our expertise, quality materials, and value. We have installed thousands of roofs in Florida with a sterling reputation. Our roofers get regular training on building codes, best practices, and new materials so you get a properly installed roof built to last. Our pricing gives you premium products and professional installation at competitive rates.


We have installed thousands of roofs in Edgewood, Florida. It has given us extensive experience working with almost every roof type and style. Our in-depth knowledge covers proper installation techniques for roofing systems like shingles, tile, and metal. We stay updated on the newest materials, codes, and practices so that every roof we install is of the highest quality.

Quality materials

We partner exclusively with top national brands like CertainTeed. They make innovative, weather-tested roofing materials built to withstand the extreme Florida weather. We follow the specific manufacturer specifications and use proper flashing, fasteners, ventilation, and sealant. Using the best materials and quality craftsmanship provides a durable and long-lasting roof.

Competitive Pricing

Our customer service team will provide fair estimates outlining all services and materials. This no-obligation quote helps you decide better. We provide a competitive rate without any hidden charges. Flexible financing options are available at 0% down and 100% financing. We aim to provide maximum value at a fair price point.

Excellent Customer Service

Our friendly staff provides exceptional customer service at every step, from initial consultation to the final walkthrough. We listen attentively to understand your unique needs and preferences to deliver a perfect experience. The installation team is professional, courteous, tidy, and follows safety protocols when working on your home. Clear communication helps you understand what is happening at all phases.


Our warranty covers wind damage below 110 mph and cleaning of blue/green algae formation within the first ten years. We offer four options for workmanship warranty: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum package. They provide coverage from five to ten years on the workmanship. We also provide a standard manufacturer warranty that protects you from manufacturing defects, wind damage, and algae formation.

What We Specialize in

ProFormance Roofing has extensive experience installing and repairing residential and commercial roofs. We have experience working with all types of roofing materials and styles. Our team can handle shingles, metals, and advanced roofs like solar and provide you with the highest quality construction. Some of the materials we specialize in are listed here.

Shingle Roofs

Our master installers have installed many shingle roofs in Edgewood. It has given us a deep understanding of the issues that shingle roofs may face. We use this knowledge to build robust, durable shingle roofs that withstand the Edgewood climate. Shingles such as the Landmark from CertainTeed protect your home while enhancing its curb appeal.

Metal Roofs

Metal is a good option for an eco-friendly, energy-efficient roofing solution. Our roofers expertly install steel, aluminum, and copper roofing panels. These panels are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, reflect heat, and withstand heavy rainfall. We offer metal roofs with unique finishes in various styles, like shingles or tiles.

Tile Roofs

For roof repairs, our technicians properly assess and replace damaged tile, resecure battens, upgrade water barrier decking, and address other vulnerabilities to restore your existing tile roof. If you want a new installation, we check to see if the structure can support the weight of these heavy tiles. Tile roofs keep your home cool and protect you from extreme weather conditions.

Residential Roofs

Our team has installed residential roofs of different materials and styles in Edgewood, FL. We understand that a residential roof must be durable, affordable, and aesthetic. Our team can handle simple repairs to complex projects with equal ease. You can rely on our expertise to solve all your roofing needs.

Solar Roofs

Installing an efficient solar roof requires specialist knowledge. Our master installers are trained to work with CertainTeed solar systems. CertainTeed solar systems have integrated solar panels that bring the aesthetic appeal of shingles while providing uninterrupted power to your home. These systems produce renewable energy that can help you lower your energy bill and carbon footprint.

Our Roofing Process


We begin every project with a proper roof evaluation. Our installation team examines all facets of the roof to spot issues needing repair or full replacement. We assess roof age, structure, drainage, material condition, and leaks and prepare a detailed roof analysis report. It sets the foundation to build your perfect roof.

Scope of Work

We create a detailed scope of work outlining the complete roofing solution. It specifies everything from materials, number of layers, installation method, ventilation plan, flashings, and more based on your specific requirements. This scope of work serves as a detailed guide for the installation process. Our team follows this plan meticulously through the whole process.

Production Day

Our installation crew will be on-site on production day with all the required materials and equipment to repair or replace your old roof. We make the whole process quick and efficient with minimal disruption to your home. Our foreman closely supervises the team for high-quality construction. We follow all safety protocols during production.


Once our work is complete, we focus on cleaning the worksite. The team will clean the property thoroughly. We use high-powered magnets and blowers to remove nails, fixtures, and debris from the construction site. Our crew will remove all equipment and extra construction materials from your property, leaving it pristine.

Final Inspection

Our dedicated foreman and representative conduct a final roof walkthrough after the installation. They will answer any questions you may have about your new roof. Our inspection checks every component of the roof until you are completely satisfied. We communicate all the essential details like warranty and maintenance before we hand over the roof to you.

Edgewood Roofing Services

We offer various residential and commercial roofing services in Edgewood, FL. It includes installations, repairs, replacements, maintenance, inspections, and storm damage restoration for all roof types. We also provide gutter installation, skylight installation, chimney flashing, attic ventilation, and other related services. Our team can handle all your roofing needs, whether a classic tile roof or a modern solar installation.

Affordable and Reliable Edgewood Roofers

We provide high-quality craftsmanship at reasonable rates. Our flexible financing options make roofing services affordable for homeowners. We are a name you can depend on for all your roofing requirements due to our experience serving the Edgewood area. Our team works hard to deliver an excellent experience at competitive pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of roof repairs in Edgewood, Florida, is between $1,500 to $7,000, depending on accessibility, slope, and complexity. Expect to pay more if the roof has premium materials or is heavily damaged due to storms or other extreme weather events. If you are wondering how much your roof repair or installation will cost, contact us for a no-obligation quote today!

Asphalt architectural and laminated shingles are popular roofing options in Edgewood, Florida. Clay tiles are widely used for the aesthetic look that it gives the house. We recommend metal panel roofs or heavy concrete tile roofs for homes here. These roofs can withstand Edgewood’s extreme heat and moisture while providing lasting protection.

Edgewood’s humid, hot climate encourages algae and fungal growth on roofs. Power washing roofs annually keeps them clean and extends roof life. After major storms, homeowners should inspect roofs for loose tiles, shingles, or leaks that need repairs. It helps in preventing further damage. Proper attic ventilation protects the roof from heat damage.

The typical signs of storm damage are missing, cracked, or lifted shingles, exposed nail heads, or water stains on interior ceilings and walls. Gutter separation or sagging roof decking indicates structural issues. Homeowners should respond quickly to mitigate damage. Contact professional roofers who can assess damage and take steps to reduce further damage on your roof.

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