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How to Keep Your Roof Safe from Leaks

Preparing Your Roof for Rainy Season

Fun fact: somewhere around 90 percent of hurricanes are formed between August and October, the peak of Florida’s most violent storm season. 

Coupled with the Sunshine State’s legendary onslaught of summer rains, your roof is in an extremely vulnerable place for months on end—which means you need to be vigilant in preparing and maintaining your roof. From catching potential issues before they snowball to acting fast in the fade of major damage — Proformance Roofing has you covered. 

Proformance Roofing’s Tips and Tricks

Schedule a Consultation

  • The first, the easiest, the most important step!
  • Find out what, if any, work should be done.

Check for Leaks

  • Water stains on the ceiling?
  • Fresh paint from previous homeowners?
  • Fascia board damage?

These signs indicate a serious problem!

Replace Damaged Shingles

  • Skip the tarp
  • Even small trouble areas can lead to big problems

Trim Surrounding Trees

  • The most common tree damage is from the accumulation of small branches and impacts over time!

Keep Gutters Clear

  • Backed-up gutters lead to backed-up rainwater
  • Puddles damage the roof and home structure

Once Again, Bring in an Expert

  • No matter what you find, it’s best to schedule work from a Pro.
  • We’d be happy to see if your roofing job lines up with our incredible work—just give us a call at 833-467-7635 for a free consultation!

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