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ProFormance Roofing Is Giving Away a New Roof Each Month

Celebrating Our Journey with You at ProFormance

ProFormance Roofing is deeply grateful for your support of our family-owned business. Since we founded ProFormance in 2016, Florida communities have helped us build a successful roofing business that we are incredibly proud of. 

Our goal when we started ProFormance was to provide Florida residents with the high-quality roofing services that were lacking in the area. We believe that every homeowner deserves professional, honest, and timely roofing services, so our business was built on a customer-first model. And that is still the focus that drives us every day, on every job. 

This model, combined with our excellent performance, has grown our business. We’re honored to be not only Florida’s premier residential roofing company but to also have partnered with several well-known and highly respected commercial builders. 

The ProFormance family wants to show our gratitude to the customers who choose our business for their roof replacement needs. And so, we’re excited to share our monthly free roof giveaway program: Rooftop Rewards

ProFormance Rooftop Rewards Program

We’re giving away one free roof—every single month—to a lucky ProFormance customer.

Every month, if you’re a ProFormance Roofing customer who has had a roof installed and paid for within 7 days, you will be entered for a chance to be reimbursed up to $20,000 of your roof’s cost.

There’s no need to take any additional steps to qualify for this giveaway. We will enter every qualified customer into the drawing for that month’s winner. There are typically around 100 entries each month.

The month of your roof’s installation and payment will determine which month’s giveaway you’ll be entered into. Entries are added starting on the 1st of each month and ending on the last day of each month. We’ll draw for the lucky winner on the 15th of the following month. 

If your name is drawn, you will be notified by email and/or a phone call within 5 days of the drawing. So, make sure we have your best contact information and keep your eyes on those messages!

The winner will receive a full refund of their roof installation cost, up to $20,000. There are standard giveaway terms and conditions that do apply, so be sure to read up on those to make sure you have the best possible chance of being included in the monthly drawing. 

How To Win a Free Roof From ProFormance

Our monthly free roof giveaway is an exciting opportunity for our customers; it’s also a rewarding initiative for us. 

ProFormance wouldn’t be the success it is today if not for our loyal customers. We appreciate every referral to your friends, family, and neighbors. And we are honored that so many of our customers have taken the time to share your experience with ProFormance by writing positive Google reviews for our business. 

Rooftop Rewards is our way of saying thank you for supporting our business!
If you’re just hearing about ProFormance Roofing for the first time and you’re interested in winning a free roof replacement, contact us today! Our team will be happy to discuss your roof replacement needs and answer any questions.