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The Important Steps Proformance Takes to Protect Your Yard

The Important Steps Proformance Takes to Protect Your Yard

Keep your yard clean after roofing

When we say that the Proformance includes protecting your property, we’re talking about more than just your home and your roof—we’re also talking about your yard.

A job gone wrong can spark tremendous headaches through debris and damage, but we do everything we can to prevent such a disaster. Here’s how Proformance goes above and beyond in covering your yard. 

Landscape Protection

Your yard, your sanctuary, is a sacred place—and we don’t want to damage that lush oasis.

To protect your landscaping, we’ll tarp off all nearby shrubbery and plants to prevent any damage from debris or dust. This will keep your plants safe and decrease the chances of an errant nail finding its way to the ground you walk on.

Disposing of the Old Roof in A Tarped Dumpster Zone

Every bit of clutter left behind by your old roof will be neatly discarded into one central area: a tarped-off dumpster with easy in-and-out access. This helps us mitigate any instances of trash left in the wrong place and ensures that there won’t be multiple discard piles to deal with at the end of the job. 

Blowing the Roof Clean

When the job is finished, we’ll use high-powered blowers to clear any leftover sawdust, loose granules or other sedimentary-like substances from your roof, leaving it completely debris-free.

The Combover and Blowout

Once we move all work vehicles from the vicinity, we’ll walk through the area with special care to search for potential hazards left behind; then, we’ll use those same blowers from the roof to clear the area.

Magnetic Attraction

As a final precaution, we scour the area with intense magnets to pick up anything we missed during the ocular inspection. It’s a proven, high-tech, and calming safety check for everyone involved. 

Protection, the Proformance Way

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