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What is Roofing Insurance and is it Worth it?

Do we really need roofing insurance?

Dealing with roof damage can be an actual nightmare—after all, your roof is there to protect you, to protect your home and belongings from the outside world. 

When it’s compromised, the entire illusion of security and comfort blows out the window. The questions come in droves. Who will pay for this? How long will it take? Will I be able to fix this? Most importantly, do I have roofing insurance? 

Short answer: Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies include roof insurance, it isn’t exactly optional. Now—the details will differ from policy to policy, so it’s worth exploring what may or may not be covered. 

Homeowner’s Responsibility

Right off the bat, we can eliminate a few things that—by rule—typically won’t be covered:

  • General wear and tear
  • Leaks caused by general wear and tear
  • Pre-existing damage
  • Damage due to extreme age

What does my insurance cover?

Typically, your policy is there to protect against factors outside of your control:

  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Extreme weather and acts of god (hurricane and tornado damage)

In essence, it’s the safety net against the unforeseen; matters of maintenance, risk prevention, and shelf life will fall on the homeowner’s shoulders. (It’s also worth noting that some policies are moving away from hail and wind damage; the phenomenon is so widespread that it’s becoming increasingly expensive to insure on the company’s side.)

What about pests—rodents, bugs, etc?

Again, most insurance policies will include broad exclusions for these types of issues and the damage that results from them. 

Termites burrow through the supports? On your own. Do rodents gnaw through the structure? On your own. 

You’re likely out of pocket for the removal of the pests, and then for repairing any damage left behind from their infestation. 

Will my policy cover leaks?

In our best legalese, it depends. 

If the leak can be proven to have been preventable, no. So leaks caused by rot, by age, by a lack of proper maintenance—those will all be out-of-pocket costs. Insurance will only plug a leak if you can show that it was caused directly, 100% by phenomena listed in the policy.

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