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How Long Does a Roof Last

A new roof is no small investment.

It can be an alarming number at first, one prone to inspire a staccato of stressed-out questions.

“Is this really worth it?”

“How long will a new roof last in Florida?”

“Can I get away with a temporary fix?”

“Are tarps safe for short-term solutions?”
“Can I afford this?”

We’ll dig into the details throughout this article, but the short answer is: Yes.

Yes, it’s worth it. Yes, you can afford this—we’ve got the financing to make sure of it. 

How Long Does a New Roof Last in Florida

The frustratingly honest answer? It depends; partially on environmental factors, but mostly on the materials you use.

The most common roofing materials used in Florida—asphalt shingles—are good for 15-30 years. The longer you stress this lifespan, the more likely you are to experience expensive repairs down the line.

Florida Roof Lifespans

Asphalt Shingles: 15-30 Years

Wood Shingles: 20-25 Years

Rubber Roofs:30-50 Years

Metal Roofs: 50-75 Years

Is it Worth it to Install a New Roof?


Consider: A homeowner can expect to recover about 63% of the installation cost through increased home value. Not only that, but a new roof protects you against the outrageously costly practice of patching an aging roof, while helping to keep your energy bills as efficient as possible. 

Temporary repairs can cost anywhere from $300-$1,000 per job, depending on a bevy of factors that include the contractor, job type, service season, labor costs, material costs and unexpected expenditures. It adds up, fast.

We offer a wide range of financing options to ensure that your home is covered.

The ProFormance Promise

Proformance Roofing offers top-quality service that cannot be beaten. We use only the finest materials, provide an on-site foreman and a dedicated account executive to ensure that your every need is met. 

We complete most jobs within two weeks, boast unmatched customer service and utilize groundbreaking tech in our approach—we’ve got your roof under control.

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